Mike Massey Advanced Series Rules – Texas Hold ’Em Version

  • Deal each player 2 cards (hole cards) face down. After looking at their cards, each player can bet 5 points.
  • After everyone places their bets, the dealer lays down the next 3 cards, face up. These are community cards, used by everyone for their poker hands. Each player can bet another 5 points.
  • The dealer lays down 3 more cards, face up, and players can bet 5 more points. (The maximum points a player can have at this time is 15).
  • Beginning with player on dealers left, each player sets up the pool scenarios from the first 3 face-up cards and attempts to make each shot as indicated on the cards. Each player gets 3 attempts at each shot. Subtract 1 point for each failed attempt, e.g.: 9 point card earns 9 points if successful on first attempt, 8 points if successful on second attempt, and 7 points if successful on third attempt , etc. Repeat attempts and scoring with the last 3 face-up cards. Total each player’s score from shots made.
  • Each player determines his poker hand by using up to 3 cards he made out of the 6 community cards, plus his 2 hole cards. (If a player only made 2 shots out of 6, he will only have 4 cards in his poker hand; if only 1 shot out of 6, he will have 3 cards in his poker hand).
  • The player with the winning poker hand earns 10 points plus any points he bet. Each player who placed a bet and didn’t win the poker hand must SUBTRACT his total bet from his score. Add poker points to pool score.
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

If using the 2 Joker cards and one is dealt to a player as a hole card, it is considered wild and can be used as any card. If it is dealt as a community card, the dealer puts the next shot card from deck on top of it. Anyone making this shot earns double the points on the card.

Mike suggests a maximum of 4 players per table. He also suggests to complete the game in 5 hands, or play up to a pre-determined number of points.