Original Series Rules

Each ULTIMATE POOL CHALLENGE deck contains 52 challenge cards, plus 2 wild cards. Each card has an associated point value. Each card displays the ball setup, and some shots indicate where you should attempt to direct the cue ball for position on your next shot. The initial shot must always be shot as directed and any additional balls when indicated. Note that all shots are aligned with the diamonds, pockets and one-ball-off-rail symbols.Shuffle, draw and shoot!

  • Player draws a challenge card from the deck; an opponent sets up balls as pictured on the card. Player attempts to make the shot. If player makes the shot or shots on the challenge card, the challenge has been met. Player then retains the challenge card and its associated points. Player draws again to continue play. If player fails the challenge, the card must be passed to the next player, who in turn gets to shoot whatever scenario is left on the table, and can now play any pocket.
  • If player scratches and ball(s) remain on the table, the next player gets the card and receives cue ball in hand, placing it behind the head string. Any pocket can now be played with the remaining ball(s). If successful, the player retains the card and continiues play by drawing another challenge card. When there is more than one ball on the table, player making the final ball keeps the challenge card and wins the associated points. If player makes the final ball and scratches, his opponent gets the card, wins its associated points and draws for the next challenge.
  • Break shots do not require any balls to be pocketed during the break.
  • Bonus cards give players the opportunity to win extra points. Player does not lose turn. Simply discard if challenge is not met.
  • When a wild card is drawn, player draws another card for shot selection. The wild card entitles the player to one extra shot (to be used anytime he chooses, but only during the player’s turn).
  • Use the wild card when it is needed most – it will help win points and possibly THE ULTIMATE POOL CHALLENGE.
  • The person or team with the most points at the end of the game wins THE ULTIMATE POOL CHALLENGE.