Welcome to the Ultimate Pool Challenge

The best Billiards/Pool Training & Instructional Aid Ever – The Ultimate Pool Challenge Games and Target Zone Mats!

Officially recognized by the APA, The Ultimate Pool Challenge games will test your ability and skill while competing with friends and opponents.

These drills and real game shot scenarios will advance your play by teaching you

  • Correct English
  • Ball Control
  • How to play the rails

This is far more than a game, it is the new revolutionary ultimate pool challenge… a real pocket billiards game like 8-ball and 9-ball!

Now shuffle, draw and shoot!


The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game -ORIGINAL SERIES

Ultimate Pool Challenge Cards

We instruct you with the correct english on each opening shot, teach you speed and ball control and how to play the rails. Each card contains valuable lessons that only can be perfected on the felt. You’ll see your game improve immediately, and will start thinking 2 and 3 shots ahead – just like the pros.

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The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game – MIKE MASSEY ADVANCED SERIES

Advanced Pool Challenge Deck

In this series, Mike gives you the correct English on real game shots, and offers “MASSEY TIPS” to instruct you on correct speed and cue elevation for the more advanced shots.

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NEW!!!!!!! The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game – ZONE MATS

Zone Mats

These 10” x 10” no-curl Zone Mats can help you master cue ball speed when you put them on the table and use them as your targeted zone. Also use them with the Mike Massey Advanced Series of the Ultimate Pool Challenge game for the shots that require balls to stop in zones.

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